Download 100 ways to live to 100 by Charles B Inlander; Christine Kuehn Kelly PDF

Download 100 ways to live to 100 by Charles B Inlander; Christine Kuehn Kelly PDF

By Charles B Inlander; Christine Kuehn Kelly

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Longevity. 2. AgedHealth and hygiene. I. Kelly, Christine Kuehn. II. Title. III. Title: One hundred ways to live to one hundred. 0438dc21 99-17896 CIP Printed in the United States of America 2 4 6 8 10 9 7 5 3 1 Page v Contents Preface vii Introduction ix 1 Preventing and Managing Medical Conditions 1 The Savvy Health Care Consumer 16 2 Nutrition, Hormones, and Supplements 31 Healthy Eating Habits 32 Vitamins and Minerals 43 Hormones and Nutritional Supplements 52 3 Injury Prevention 57 Home Safety 58 Food Poisoning and Water Contamination 64 Travel Safety 69 Outdoor Safety 77 Page vi 4 Lifestyle Choices 83 Exercise 83 Behavioral Changes 89 5 Between Mind and Body 97 Social Connections 97 Mental Wellness 100 Stress 105 Appendix: Suggested Resources 111 Index 113 Page vii Preface My grandfather, born in the 1880s, lived to be 74.

CHARLES B. INLANDER, President People's Medical Society Page ix Introduction If you had been born 100 years ago, your average life expectancy would have been about 47 years. Today a baby born in the United States can expect to live about 76 years. Some 3 million Americans are estimated to have celebrated their 85th birthdays in 1998, making them the fastest growing segment of our population. And about 70,000 Americans have already celebrated their 100th birthdays. By the year 2050, it's estimated that there will be at least 1 million centenarians.

The digital rectal exam is limited in detecting cancer, however. And experts have not reached a consensus on the use of the PSA test (which measures levels of PSA in the blood) in accurately diagnosing cancer. The test fails to detect 20 percent of prostate cancers and cannot distinguish among prostate cancer and more benign prostate conditions. Skin cancer: The American Cancer Society recommends monthly skin self-examinations for all adults and physician-administered skin examination every three years for people ages 20 to 39 and annually for people ages 40 and older.

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