Download A Competency-Based Curriculum, Beginning & Intermediate by Tashelheet PDF

Download A Competency-Based Curriculum, Beginning & Intermediate by Tashelheet PDF

By Tashelheet

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C. Early signs of MH scholarship. In some entries Gesenius anticipates modern scholarship on Mishnaic Hebrew by more than a century. Although his primary concern was Biblical Hebrew, and most of his conclusions relate directly only to the Bible, they are sometimes also valid with regard to what is now known about Mishnaic Hebrew. In such cases, Gesenius can be said to prefigure such research by a number of generations. 9 See BAR-ASHER, Studies I, 58–75. 30 Moshe Bar-Asher Data in need of correction 6.

On p. 140a we have “«SYN» ‫ ׁשמר‬keep commandments” and «ANT» ‫ שׂ נא‬hate,” it is not clear to which part of the entry in question 10 Takamitsu Muraoka that the Sachverhalt expressed by the verb ‫ אהב‬can relate not only to human or personal objects, person-to-person, God-to-person or person-toGod, but also a human agens can relate to something not personal, food, for instance, but also something intangible, incorporeal such as justice, Torah, mitsvah. The average Bible reader might be perfectly comfortable with a verse like ‫( ַהיִ ׁ ְשכֶ ם אֹהבים את יהוה אלהיכם בכל לבבכם ובכל נַ ְפ ׁ ְשכֶ ם‬Deut 13:4).

Now I would like to discuss another important aspect of Gesenius’ work. When we ask what the relationship is between the Thesaurus and modern scholarship on Mishnaic Hebrew, the question need not be limited to his use of data from that dialect. Even when he does not mention anything from the Mishnah or the Talmud in a particular entry or series of 30 31 32 See KUTSCHER, Studies in Hebrew and Aramaic, 449; BAR-ASHER, Studies in Mishnaic Hebrew I, 147, 156, and 224. The source of this citation is not given.

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