Download A Dictionary of Chinese Characters: Accessed by Phonetics by Stewart Paton PDF

Download A Dictionary of Chinese Characters: Accessed by Phonetics by Stewart Paton PDF

By Stewart Paton

Through arranging usually used characters less than the phonetic point they've got in universal, instead of in simple terms less than their radical, the dictionary encourages the coed to hyperlink characters based on their phonetic. It is helping to mend within the reminiscence the hyperlink among a personality and its sound and which means.

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To shout. + 145: hè coarse cloth; brown; + 64: jiB to tear off; + 76: xiB to have a rest. hé close; join. + 108: hé box; case; D. : gài lid; cover, No. 221; + 30: hA to breathe out; + 64 and 140: dA to build, No. 128; ; The letter H: Nos 275–281 50 + 120: gGi to give, No. 235; + 64: shí to pick up; Note also + 64: ná to hold; take, No. 490. 275 hé hè gentle; and; with. to join in the singing; compose a poem in reply. 276 hBi black. Radical 203. + 32: mò ink. hGn very. D. : liáng good; fine, No. 428; + 94: hGn ruthless; + 61: hèn hate; + 75: gBn root; base; origin; + 157: gBn heel; to follow; + 162: tuì to retreat, No.

774, plus: chóng repeat, No. 104, placed in the centre. For other examples of the use of radical 144 see No. 341 for 102 103 chDng sufficient. + 120: tIng system; to unite. chóng insect. S form is radical 142. + cán silkworm, : for 104 105 jiB street. tiAn heaven, see No. 681. + 148: chù to touch, No. 111; + 94: dú only; alone; + 140: jiFn cocoon; + 184: shí to lose; corrode. chóng zhòng repeat; again. weight; heavy, listed separately as No. 912. + 144: T form for chDng to rush; dash, No. 101, S form: + 140: dIng to supervise; + 140 and 61: dIng to understand; + 19: T form for dòng to move, No.

162: S form for dá to extend, No. 129, T form: + 53: S form for qìng to celebrate, No. 553, T: dài to replace; dynasty. f. phonetic in: fá to fell, and f. that in: zhFo to look for, No. 884; + 145: dài bag; sack; + 154: dài loan; borrow; D. : huò goods, No. 303. 133 dài belt; to bring. 134 dài to put on; to wear. : cái to cut into parts, No. 61. ; . 25 135 136 137 The letter D: Nos 135–141 dAn one; single. + 57: dàn bullet, and tán to shoot; + 62: T form for zhàn war, S form: dAn dàn to carry a burden.

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