Download A generative grammar of Afar by Loren Bliese PDF

Download A generative grammar of Afar by Loren Bliese PDF

By Loren Bliese

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Speed/time Graph If a graph is plotted of speed against time, the area under the graph gives the distance travelled. 2, is given by the area beneath the speed/time graph, shown shaded. 2 Area of rectangle AEDC D base ð height D 12 5 s ð 10 0 m D 70 m s 1 2 ð base ð perpendicular height m D 12 ð 12 5 s ð 14 10 s m 1 D 14 m D 2 ð7 sð4 s Hence the distance covered by the object moving from O to B is: Area of triangle ABE D 25 C 70 C 14 m D 109 m Velocity The velocity of an object is the speed of the object in a specified direction.

Bending moments is a positive bending moment). Where the curvature produced is concave downwards, called ‘hogging’, the bending moment is regarded as negative. The values of shearing force and bending moment will usually vary along a beam. Diagrams showing the shearing force and bending moment for all sections of a beam are called shearing force and bending moment diagrams respectively. Shearing forces and shearing force diagrams are less important than bending moments, but can be very useful in giving pointers to the more important bending moment diagrams.

From b, bc is drawn 7 units long at an angle of 165° . The direction of the 16 kN force is not known, thus arc pq is drawn with a compass, with centre at c, radius 16 units. Since the forces are at equilibrium, the polygon of forces must close. Using a compass with centre at 0, arc rs is drawn having a radius 15 units. The point where the arcs intersect is at d. By measurement, angle D 198° and ˛ D 291° Thus the 16 kN force acts at an angle of 198° (or −162° ) to the 12 kN force, and the 15 kN force acts at an angle of 291° (or −69° ) to the 12 kN force.

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