Download A grammar of Kwaza by Hein van der Voort PDF

Download A grammar of Kwaza by Hein van der Voort PDF

By Hein van der Voort

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8. ). The same story was told independently by Dr. Dequech (pc) who probably came to know it through Antonhão’s brother A'we. This and other incidents have been the cause of the present difficult relationship with the Aikanã. At a certain stage, Antonhão was brought up by a woman named Maky'txa, or Madalena. Makytxa, who died in 1985 at the approximate age of 83, brought up many Kwaza, including Maria Edite. She is said to have been one of the most knowledgeable persons of the Kwaza culture. Antonhão was married to the Kwaza Ko'nã or Konã'xu, or Nazaré, until she died of measles in 1982 at the approximate age of 40.

7. Like so many sources, Maldi (1983, 1991) fails to mention the Kwaza, but according to my consultants, the Kwaza were also victims of the practices involved in the rubber exploitation. 8. Divisão Estadual do Ministerio de Agricultura, the state division of the federal ministry of agriculture. 9. Instituto Nacional de Colonização e Reforma Agrária, the national institute for colonisation and agrarian reform. The sometimes criminal roles that such governmental institutions played in Rondônia, especially at the time of the dictatorship, have been thoroughly documented by amongst others Leonel (1995).

5. The present context of the Kwaza 9 Hinton’s research group resulted in a collection of papers on many aspects of the Aikanã language (Hinton ed. 1993). Carlson noted the presence of at least five speakers of Kwaza and recorded a small word-list (Carlson 1984, 1985). ). In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the Brazilian linguist Ione Vasconcelos did fieldwork in the Tubarão-Latundê reserve on the Aikanã language. ). Carlson made efforts to bring the Kwaza to the attention of the linguistic community.

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