Download A Handbook of Virashaivism by S.C.Nandimath PDF

Download A Handbook of Virashaivism by S.C.Nandimath PDF

By S.C.Nandimath

«Справочник по вирашиваизму» - это, возможно, одно из самых старых изданий описывающих это направление шиваизма: его традиции, культуру, философские взгляды и многое другое.

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Many a thoughtful parent who has become a friend can perform this role. O Consider your strengths: your methods of control, the way you can reproach a child silently with a raised eyebrow, encourage a child with a smile or a wink, and how you know which gestures are right for which child, how you can, as a teacher said to Edward Blishen, 'pin them to their desks with the right sort of glare'. o Remember your skills in your best subjects. Reflect on past successes. O Consider your weaknesses, too, but not with much deliberation: this is, after all, a time for positive thinking.

You need: o easy movement around the room. o a decor that is suitable for the activity practised there. o Each room should contain the equipment for cooking, or reading, or listening to music, or watching television, and this equipment should be conveniently placed or stored. o And it should be the best that you can afford. All of this goes for classrooms. 35 LIST 36 Equipment and arrangement o Children should have the necessary equipment to hand (paper and pencils or pens for writing, for example).

Make a virtue of necessity. If you have many children from these traditions in your class, compile one. Make it school-wide. County-wide. It might be publishable. This project energizes the tired old Myself project! 33 LIST 34 Another friend-making activity The box This involves thinking, or praying, or meditating and then writing in answer to these questions:' o There's a box in your head, made of three beautiful things. What are they? o It opens in a way that's like you. Are you loud? Are you thoughtful?

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