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Download A history of classical scholarship / Vol. 1 by John Edwin Sandys PDF

By John Edwin Sandys

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In contrast to another reproductions of vintage texts (1) we haven't used OCR(Optical personality Recognition), as this ends up in undesirable caliber books with brought typos. (2) In books the place there are pictures resembling snap shots, maps, sketches and so on now we have endeavoured to maintain the standard of those pictures, in order that they symbolize appropriately the unique artefact.

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Other high amounts are 20 shekels (CT 8 35b:7), 30 shekels (CT 6 20a:19). 179 L.  R. Kraus (1982) 269 f. 180 P. Michalowski, ‘The Neo-Sumerian silver ring texts’, SMS 2/3 (April 1978) 6. ma, ‘(in order to) welcome’, E.  10:3, with note; cf. silim in AUCT I 276:11 f. (with C.  L. Moran [1990] 474 n. ). For rings for women see Michalowski nos.  11], 8:1–2. 36 Her outward appearance We must point out here that on Assyrian reliefs men are shown wearing rings on their wrists. 2 Earrings In a letter a girl complains that they have robbed me of my earrings and my silver ring.

Also CT 8 2a:1–3, CT 45 119:3–6, MDP 28 536:6–10. DÙ).  M. Whiting, AS 22 (1987) 39, on line 4; VAS 22 86:12.  80. Others were made of iron with a golden ‘opening’ (bābu): H. Limet, MARI 3 (1984) 193 f. Of bronze: VAS 22 84:18, DCS 115:13; of stone: ARM 21 223:36 (NA4 tak-ka-si).  A. Powell, Festschrift L. Matouš II (1978) 211–243.  213 f.  W. Hallo, BiOr 20 (1963) 138b; E. Sollberger, JCS 10 (1956) 23b; P. Paoletti, Der König und sein Kreis. Das staatliche Schatzarchiv der III. Dynastie von Ur (2012) 139, 307.

If anyone saw a slave or a prostitute wearing a veil, they 111 M. Tsevat, JCS 27 (1975) 239.  M. Sasson, Civilizations of the Ancient Near East I (1995) 559; E. Akurgal, Anadolu Kültür Tarihi (1997) 131–133. Drawing in W.  434 fig. 139. See M. Schuol, Hethitische Kultmusik (2004) 57 n. 99. 112 J. Pasquali, 173–176. 113 B. Groneberg, ‘Haus und Schleier in Mesopotamien’, in: T. Späth, B. Wagner-Hasel, Frauenwelten in der Antike (2000) 1–16. 114 E.  G. Dercksen, NABU 1991/28, with R. Rems, WZKM 86 (1996) 358.

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