Download A Lost Touch of Innocence by Amy Tolnitch PDF

Download A Lost Touch of Innocence by Amy Tolnitch PDF

By Amy Tolnitch

By way of touching a magic crystal, Piers Veuxfort recklessly unchained the essence of a decidedly depraved Fin guy who now is living inside of his physique. in the meantime, Giselle St. Germain’s lifestyles in a secluded nunnery is over and she or he has been thrown into the realm to turn into Piers’ bride. Giselle quickly becomes frightened by means of either her betrothed’s unabashed adherence to excitement and his more and more strange character, and Piers wishes not anything yet to ship again his bride-to-be. ultimately the pair discovers that future is theirs to win, however it will take all of the braveness that lies inside their inner most hearts to grab it jointly.

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There are some that do, particularly the earl and ofttimes his uncle. ” Giselle could scarcely believe it. Not attend mass? She had always been taught that to ignore devotion to God was to put your very soul in peril. 51 Amy Tolnitch Father Michael leaned closer and winked. ” Giselle felt the blood drain from her face. ” What was this place she found herself in? A priest who urged her away from prayer, people who did not attend mass, and this, the lady of the castle a pagan? Giselle fingered her rosary in apprehension.

She smiled her love back at him. Cain chuckled. “The decision is up to Piers, but I cannot help but find a bit of humor in the situation. ” Amice squeezed his hand. “We do not know the girl well yet. ” Cain’s smile faded. ”    After Lord Veuxfort left, Giselle refused Nona’s offer of assistance and gently pressed the door to her chamber shut. She tried to flood her mind and body with calm, to find the serenity she desperately needed. It didn’t work. Though she knew she should begin her evening prayers, the sight of the sun setting over the sea drew her.

Only a single candle burned, leaving most of the chapel in darkness. Her footsteps echoed on the stone as she made her way to the altar and dropped to her knees. As she began her morning prayers, she heard a rustle of movement and glanced up. A man moved out of the shadows carrying a brace of lit candles. He wore a plain, black robe loosely belted around his waist. ” Giselle rose to her feet. ” “I am Father Michael,” he said with a gentle smile. ” “Aye, Father. ” He gestured to a long bench. ” Hesitantly, she sat on the bench and clasped her hands.

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