Download A Promise for Ellie by Lauraine Snelling PDF

Download A Promise for Ellie by Lauraine Snelling PDF

By Lauraine Snelling

Ellie Wold cannot wait to graduate from highschool. She and Andrew Bjorklund were ready to get married since...well, considering perpetually, and in June they'll eventually wed. whilst Andrew pronounces they need to delay the marriage, she's disillusioned yet takes it in stride--there has to be an excellent cause, or Andrew's pa would not ask it of them.But Andrew is offended and cannot comprehend why Ellie isn't really disappointed too, particularly whilst they might been making plans to "marry up" ever on the grounds that they have been in grade tuition. Disgruntled, he works out his frustration in obdurate choice to complete construction their barn and mail-order condominium, operating himself to exhaustion. yet simply while the recent home is approximately complete, an unthinkable tragedy happens. Throwing apart the vow he made to Ellie, Andrew seeks revenge...As their plans resolve, it seems like their love won't survive.Is this the top in their dream?(Daughters of Blessing e-book 1)

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Why, I remember when . ” Rachel hooted and took off up the street. ” Ellie shook her head. Why not let the whole world know their private business? She took the envelope from her pocket and stared at the handwriting. Andrew, so big and strong yet gentle and kind. A warmth started in her middle and curled lazily up to set her heart to thudding. She’d not been running, but she felt like she might have been. Surely one didn’t feel this way about a brother. Surely this was love so true as to be ready for marriage.

Goodie shook her head. “Enough about me. ” She smiled at the delight bursting on Ellie’s face. “I know. Most likely there’s another letter from Andrew, but the rest of us get mail now and then too. ” “Mor, I won’t be gone, just a ways away. Besides, the wedding isn’t until the end of June. ” Soon after Rachel returned they headed out to pick up the mail. Ellie swung her cousin’s hand as they strolled the four blocks to the post office. ” Rachel stared at Ellie from under the wide brim of her straw hat—the same hat Ellie had worn the year before.

He sopped the soup up with the last of his bread. “I have plenty more,” Ingeborg offered. “Thanks, but that was enough. I’m going on over to the Olsons’ next. ” The sheriff nodded to Ingeborg. “Mighty fine, ma’am. ” He shoved his chair back. “Thorliff was planning to put something about it in the paper. ” Haakan stood up. ” Ingeborg watched the men file out the door. Someone, somewhere was missing a family member. How tragic. By the time they blew out the kitchen lamp, the sheriff ’s visit had been discussed soundly.

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