Download A Promise to Remember by Kathryn Cushman PDF

Download A Promise to Remember by Kathryn Cushman PDF

By Kathryn Cushman

Andie Phelps is the envy of Santa Barbara. a loyal mom with a loving son and a winning husband, her maximum pleasure comes from achieving out to others. Melanie Johnston is the envy of nobody. A unmarried mother who works lengthy hours to pay the money owed, and her maximum joys relate to her teenager daughter and son. Then the twist of fate that alterations every little thing. whilst contrary worlds collide, the effect reaches a long way past those moms' own losses.

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This had been easier than she'd expected. "Yes, we can. " "Yeah. " Christi heard the lack of conviction in Kaitlyn's voice and decided to squash it for good. "Remember Benjamin's fender bender last month? Could just as easily have been your family. Teenagers get into accidents. " A sniffle sounded through the line. " "Sure. Okay, count me in. Umm, I've got an appointment. " "See you at the Charity League meeting tomorrow night. " Christi smiled and hung up the phone. She knew what Kaitlyn's "appointment" was.

It gave them time to come to terms with it in private. As much as possible, anyway. She pulled open the door and entered through a warm exhalation of air, taking care to plaster a smile on her face. Everyone would be watching her. Some would watch in concern, some in pained fascination-like watching a train wreck-and some, the most perceptive, would recognize her failures as a mother and think smugly how she was getting what she deserved. Maybe it was what she deserved, but what about Chad? He didn't deserve to die for her mistakes, did he?

Although he came home late and forgot to call at least once a week, it never failed to make her angry. You'd think that after twenty years she would have moved past that. I'll get an eai ful of "taking her for granted" tonight. He took a deep breath, gathered his papers, and entered the house. The kitchen was dark, save for the one light over the sink. No dishes sat on the counter, no dinner waited at the table. " No one answered, but Blair saw a glow coming from the back room. Andie's studio. He followed the shaft of light and found her sitting in the chair, staring at the wall, stone-faced.

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