Download A Student Grammar of Turkish by F. Nihan Ketrez PDF

Download A Student Grammar of Turkish by F. Nihan Ketrez PDF

By F. Nihan Ketrez

A scholar Grammar of Turkish is a concise advent to Turkish grammar, designed particularly for English-speaking scholars and execs. Written with the wishes of the learner a great deal in brain, it units out the grammar of the language in a transparent and jargon-free kind. The booklet not just explains the basics of the grammar, but in addition checks scholars' knowing in an interactive manner with greater than two hundred routines. Key grammar issues are summarised in tables and there are lots of illustrative examples. a listing of grammatical phrases utilized in the e-book and a key to all of the routines also are supplied. This crucial grammar and workout ebook can be utilized as a complement for college kids learning the language, with a twin functionality as a reference advisor to appear up grammar issues, and as a source from which routines could be set and language talents practised.

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What’ ‘his/her/its what’ ‘our what’ ‘your (plural) what’ ‘their what’ When the possessor is a pronoun or when it can be guessed due to context, it may be dropped. That is why sometimes the possessor noun and pronoun are shown in parenthesis throughout the chapter. Just like the pronoun subjects of sentences, the possessor pronouns are expressed when we would like to stress them. ’ In the second example, the speaker does not need to say benim ‘my’ because there is no alternative possessor. If the speaker says benim arabamı rather than arabamı alone, it sounds as if there is another, an alternative car, and the speaker parked his car, not the other one.

Bu kitaplar o¨ g˘ reniyorsun? Sen bu d¨onem nece 37 A STUDENT GRAMMAR OF TURKISH 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. L¨utfen ben dikkatli dinleyin. s¨oyleyece˘giz? Onlara ne sana yaptım. Bu kahve yapıyorum. Sana kahve yapıyorum. Sana bu kahve konus¸uyor ama Fransızca pek iyi bilmiyor. O˘guz c¸ok g¨uzel Almanca ic¸iyorsunuz? C ¸ ay mı, kahve mi? Kahvaltıda genellikle ne g¨orece˘giz. Yarın Dolmabahc¸e Sarayı ver. Bana bir bardak ver.

Here are some examples of unpredictability: sap becomes sapı but kitap becomes kitabı at becomes atı, fiyat becomes fiyatı, yurt becomes yurdu sac¸ remains as sac¸ı but a˘gac¸ becomes a˘gacı ˘ kek is pronounced as keki but renk becomes rengi and k¨opek becomes k¨opegi Another phonological change is observed in the high vowels. High vowels that appear in the last syllable of a word get deleted when a vowel-initial suffix is attached to the word. For example, burun ‘nose’ becomes burnu ‘his nose’ (not burunu).

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