Download Accent Reduction Made Easy - произношение американского by Jane Wellborn PDF

Download Accent Reduction Made Easy - произношение американского by Jane Wellborn PDF

By Jane Wellborn

A Booklist Editors' selection choice. Designed for pros and non-professionals, from little ones to adults, or someone who desires to have the capacity to converse average American English no matter if overcoming a local or international accessory.

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Barrett-Keach shows that if the T marker is made longer, then secondary stress moves rightward so as to fall on the penultimate syllable. In (9b), the tense marker is disyllabic, and secondary stress moves rightward and falls on the first syllable of the tense marker. In (9c), mekwisha is a trisyllabic tense marker with secondary stress moving still further rightward and falling on the medial syllable. In all cases, secondary stress falls on the penultimate syllable from the right edge of the T marker.

Vitale (1985) shows how this shifting between non-penultimate stress and penultimate stress for loan words is common even in standard dialects, suggesting that the shift from non-penultimate stress to penultimate stress is one that takes time. Such words as lazima are new loan words which are in the midst of being incorporated into the phonological system of Swahili, supporting the prominence of the penultimate stress rule in Swahili. See below for more on this point. 36 THE ACQUISITION OF SWAHILI Additionally, secondary stress usually occurs in the verbal complex on the SA marker, as in (9a) below.

Let us begin, however, with the descriptive facts. Part I: Description Swahili has a complex and controversial status in Eastern Africa today. There are approximately 70 million speakers of Swahili (projection based on 32 THE ACQUISITION OF SWAHILI Hinnebusch 1979), of which 2 million are native speakers (the remainder being proficient second language speakers). This reflects the history of Swahili, as it was used as a trading language for those who traveled from the ports of Mombasa, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar into the interior of the African continent.

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