Download Advanced Korean by Ross King, Jaehoon Yeon, Chungsook Kim, Donald Baker PDF

Download Advanced Korean by Ross King, Jaehoon Yeon, Chungsook Kim, Donald Baker PDF

By Ross King, Jaehoon Yeon, Chungsook Kim, Donald Baker

Complicated Korean deals an entire, systematic, and streamlined third-year direction in Korean.

It is perfect for college scholars and grownup inexperienced persons with ample studying texts and written workouts, all in Korean Hangul. Concise Korean grammar notes in English, huge glossaries, and a solution key make this ebook compatible for these learning on my own, in addition to for school room use.

There are 20 accomplished classes, each one with a analyzing textual content within which new language is brought in context, through vocabulary, grammar issues, and routines. classes five, 10, 15 and 20 are brief stories of the main structural styles brought. the point of interest is on written Korean, however the analyzing texts usually are not educational, they're breezy, chatty, and fun, with illustrations.

The textbook comes with a unfastened CD-ROM entitled Sino-Korean spouse, a complement for these beginners wishing to start the learn of chinese language characters as they're utilized in the Korean language. The 20 classes at the CD-ROM construct at the content material of the teachings primarily textbook to introduce 500 chinese language characters of their Sino-Korean readings. The emphasis is on giving scholars the instruments they should decipher surprising chinese language characters on their lonesome, and in addition on Sino-Korean vocabulary acquisition. each one lesson introduces nearly 25-30 new chinese language characters besides comparable vocabulary goods, and builds on earlier characters and vocabulary brought, demonstrating the cumulative impact on one's vocabulary of paying systematic awareness to Sino-Korean.


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Sample text

B: 그런데 __________________________ 자꾸 기침을 했습니다. 6. A: 선미 씨한테 안 좋은 일이 있습니까? B: __________________________ 눈이 많이 부었던데요. (이)나. 하루 종일 _______________________ 못 먹었습니다. 비밀이니까 _______________________ 말하지 마십시오. 계속 집에 있을 거니까 __________________ 전화하십시오. [“anytime”] 내일 우리 집에 오고 싶은 사람은 _____________________ 다 오십시오. _______________________ 휴지를 버리면 안 됩니다. 새벽에 버스를 탔더니 승객이 나 말고는 _________________ 없었습니다. 나는 지금까지 _______________________ 싸워 본 적이 없습니다. 이 근처에 있는 커피숍은 다 괜찮으니까 _____________________ 갑시다. 그 식당은 유명하니까 그 근처에 가서 _______________________ 물어 보면 가르쳐 줄 겁니다.

Note that in this particular combination, the first clause using –(을) 테니(까) is almost always followed by a command in the second clause. 25. 내일 아침 수술할 테니까 오늘 하루 종일 아무것도 먹지 마세요. Please don’t eat anything at all today since they will be operating on you tomorrow morning. 3. Quoted Commands with –(으)라고 (말)하–, 달라고 하– These patterns for indirect commands and requests were covered in Lessons 27 and 28 of Continuing Korean. The pattern 달라고 하– quotes an incoming request which, when originally uttered, had the verb 주– give [to me, the speaker].

Speaker A told [Speaker B = somebody unspecified] not to tell Yŏngjun Sumi’s phone number. ] 37 38 ઁҗ 32. [Me (the speaker) to somebody else (Mom)] 엄마, 용돈 좀 주세요. Mom, please give me some pocket money. ĺ 엄마한테 용돈 좀 달라고 했습니다. I asked Mom to give me some pocket money. ] 33. [Me (the speaker) to somebody else (Sŏnyŏng)] 선영 씨, 좀 도와주십시오. Sŏnyŏng, please help me. ĺ 선영 씨한테 도와 달라고 했습니다. I asked Sŏnyŏng to help me. ] 4. Rhetorical Retorts with –잖아(요) This pattern for rhetorical retorts was covered in Lesson 13 of Elementary Korean.

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