Download Advertising Media Sourcebook, 4th edition by Peter B. Turk, Donald W. Jugenheimer, Arnold M. Barban PDF

Download Advertising Media Sourcebook, 4th edition by Peter B. Turk, Donald W. Jugenheimer, Arnold M. Barban PDF

By Peter B. Turk, Donald W. Jugenheimer, Arnold M. Barban

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This is done by using a syndicated service such as SQAD Reports, or maintaining an in-house history of television buys for each client by market. Function Media planners use these market estimates in various ways including: market-to-market dollar allocation, costing reach levels, and determining schedule lengths. Of course, the actual prices will not be known until the television buyer completes negotiations with each station used. " Because cost is very much a function of the program popularity (rating), spot market estimations are reported as the cost of one percent of the market's television households.

S. figure. 3. S. 3 are female. " Indices are quick indicators of relationship. For example, an index of 130 is an above-average relationship. A 70 index is below average. S. population. Page 29 Illustration On the excerpt find People magazine. Here is what the columns mean for People using the female category. " The average issue of People is read by 28,488,000 adults. " The average issue is read by 18,756,000 females. S. adult females read the average issue of People. 8 percent of all readers of People are female.

Estimators are employed to set budgets and allocations; rate schedules are used for contract negotiation. Media reach research is used in estimating the unduplicated audience for a specific vehicle or set of vehicles. To better demonstrate a wider perspective, the sources used here are those for planning purposes. Generic estimates are vital in planning stages when the advertising vehicles have not yet been identified. All the source illustrations in this book are hard-copy reproductions. This is still the most popular format for media data and information, but this is changing.

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