Download African American Relationships, Marriages, and Families: An by Patricia Dixon PDF

Download African American Relationships, Marriages, and Families: An by Patricia Dixon PDF

By Patricia Dixon

African American Relationships, Marriages, and households is a traditionally and culturally headquartered textual content designed for dating, marriage and kin educators and therapists who paintings with African American singles and undefined. entire with various workouts, the ebook is helping singles and elevate their self-awareness, accomplice knowledge and admire, and appreciation for distinction. It additionally is helping foster potent conversation and clash solution talents, exhibiting readers the right way to increase and continue fit relationships, marriages, and households. No flooring is left exposed in Dixon’s considerate and thought of research.

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By the same token, isolation in rural areas led to distinctive marriage and family patterns, including high fertility rates, more births outside of marriage, and high rates of marriage dissolution. During the reconstruction period, African Americans were elected to office; two, Hirim R. Revels and Blanche K. Bruce, served in the Senate and fourteen others served in the House of Representatives. P. B. S. Pinchback served briefly as governor of Louisiana while others served in various capacities in state and federal public offices.

Thus, “so as not to jeopardize the quantity and health of children … and women’s ability to contact the spirit world to seek guidance and perform psychic healing for the people, women performed the ‘cool’ tasks, while men did the ‘hot’ ones” (p. 42). Men, therefore, focused on more physically demanding tasks such as hunting, fishing, building, and security and women focused on childcare, planting and harvesting, food production, and trade. In fact, a great deal of focus for women was childcare.

Indb 21 11/20/06 2:46:55 PM 22 African American Relationships, Marriages, and Families In many caes, the only work that was available was domestic service; work that only African American women did. The fact that African American women worked as domestic servants had negative implications for the formation of stable relationships, marriages, and families. First, because they were able to find work, this put them in a dominant economic position in their households by comparison to men who were often unemployed or found sporadic and/or seasonal work due to their work being largely outdoors and opportunities being dependent on weather conditions.

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