Download Africans on African-Americans: The Creation and Uses of an by Yekutiel Gershoni PDF

Download Africans on African-Americans: The Creation and Uses of an by Yekutiel Gershoni PDF

By Yekutiel Gershoni

Between the tip of the 19th century and the outbreak of global warfare 2, Africans displaced by means of colonial rule created an African-American fantasy - a delusion which aggrandized the lifestyles and attainments of African american citizens regardless of complete wisdom of the discrimination to which they have been subjected. the parable supplied Africans in all components of the continent with a lot wanted succour and underpinned a number of non secular, academic, political and social versions in response to the adventure of African american citizens wherein Africans sought to higher their very own lives.

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7 The millenarian movements helped the Mricans to interpret their lives under colonialism, gave them ways of expressing their dissatisfaction with their situation, and provided hope of a new society in which the black man would triumph. The appeal of these movements to African peasants and workers lay in their messianic promise. The Watch Tower, the prototype of these movements, preached the Apocalypse in the current generation. 8 The Kingdom of Evil would be replaced by the Kingdom of God- a material, not a spiritual kingdom, where people would enjoy the goods of the earth and be free of hunger, oppression and suffering in their earthly lives.

His overt message was one of patience and compliance. At a meeting of a mixed white and black audience in Johannesburg, for instance, Aggrey called upon whites to have patience with Africans who 'have not the same opportunities as they had' and upon Africans to 'look out for the White people who are interested in us. There are many of them, even right here in the city. ' 152 This is only one of countless examples. In his many speeches, Aggrey never condemned the colonial regimes, not even indirectly.

White relates that during a 1938 trip to Southwest Africa, now Namibia, to inspect the AME Church missions there and explore the possibility of erecting new missions in the territory, he met an African from the Ovambo ethnic group who was excited to meet, for first time, an African-American. On the next day, the African came to see White off at the train station, giving him a half-crown coin as a farewell gift and waving his handkerchief at the departing train until it disappeared. This is only one of White's many meetings with Africans who had never before set eyes on black Americans.

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