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Download Aids to Survival by O'Meagher, Bert PDF

By O'Meagher, Bert

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Making a diagnosis Before you can commence rational treatment, a diagnosis must be made consisting of• History - the story of how the injury occurred • Symptoms - what the patient feels • Signs - what you can observe or find out by examination of the patient CONDITIONS Unconsciousness, shock, bleeding, pain and hysteria Unconsciousness There are many causes and these include, heart attack, drowning, electrocution, head injury, fainting and smoke inhalation. General treatment is the same 1. Remove the patient from the cause or the cause from the patient 2.

Examine the patient quickly 3. Commence cardio pulmonary resuscitation where necessary 4. Stop bleeding if necessary 5. Turn the patient on side in the recovery position 58 AIDS TO SURVIVAL Shock Shock is a fall in blood pressure that, if unchecked results in irreversible changes in the body functions at cellular level resulting in death. ‘There is a point of no return’. The onset of shock is often delayed, such as when a person first starts bleeding. They may not be shocked, but if they go on bleeding [externally or internally] they will eventually become shocked.

Magnesium blocks [flint attached] are available commercially for inclusion in survival kits as emergency firelighters. 31 AIDS TO SURVIVAL Food LIVING OFF THE LAND Although food is not as important as the other three requirements for survival it is necessary for a prolonged survival situation. Any available foods should be eaten sparingly, keeping in mind that it is better to have one meal a day than to nibble small amounts. The average healthy adult can live for several weeks without food so this will give ample time to locate nourishment from natural sources if necessary.

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