Download Alter Ego + 1 Livre by Hachette PDF

Download Alter Ego + 1 Livre by Hachette PDF

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In (53a) both are reduplicated, in (53b) only the first item (the numeral), and in (53c) only the second item (the deverbal noun). According to the informant, reduplication of the second foot in (53d) is informed in this construction. (53) a. b. ,Hau ma. CLF 'Every settlement' ma. 'ndapu sit ma. 'ndapu sit 40 2. Phonology c. CLF RED'Every settlement' d. CLF 'ndapu sit ma. 'ndapu RED- 'ndapu sit The second type of reduplication which involves two words is the reduplication of NPs and compounds. Kambera NPs/compounds are morpho-syntactically left-headed, but prosodically right-headed — the modifier is the prosodic head because it has main stress.

Phonotactics 19 Recall from (12) that Kambera does not have simple trisyllabic roots. The roots in (13) that look trisyllabic contain either a diphthong or a long vowel. e. (C)V CV CV) roots are roots with a final paragogic vowel [u]. In (1)—(2) and (3)—(7) above, we have already seen some examples of such roots; in (15) some additional illustrations are given. 1, the consonants /I, r, h, t, k, rj/ are the only ones to occur in the root-final position, preceding the [u] in brackets. This vowel is a 'weak' vowel that may disappear in rapid speech.

Each of them may form an extra syllable with the pretonic default vowel /a/. Prefix syllables are light and have no stress. I assume that they form a prosodic word, together with the trochaic foot, as represented in (45) below. 31 32 2. o. ka. ng(u) ,wihi 'menja ka. 'mo:] The data in (42) are evidence for various aspects of the Kambera phonotactic structure. First, a long vowel or diphthong is interpreted as bipositional if occurring alone (yu: —* wuyii). e. without another syllable following), only the first V position is considered the head, while the second v position is considered the non-head (haila -> la'hai [* yilaha], tu:ki —> ki'tu: [* wukitu], yu: -> wuyu).

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