Download An Akkadian Handbook: Paradigms, Helps, Logograms and Sign by Douglas B. Miller PDF

Download An Akkadian Handbook: Paradigms, Helps, Logograms and Sign by Douglas B. Miller PDF

By Douglas B. Miller

Students of Akkadian will locate this convenient choice of simple info to be the suitable significant other via their years of analysis. although this guide isn't a alternative for a standard reference works, it summarizes the entire uncomplicated source fabrics wanted for the learn of Akkadian. integrated are the next: miscellaneous is helping, paradigms of nouns and verbs, a word list of significant right nouns, an index of logograms, an indication checklist with entire signal values, and lots more and plenty extra.

What is new during this revised and multiplied edition:

— An increased checklist of universal abbreviations
— an intensive bibliography of vital reference works in ten different types, together with websites
— half One: extra and extra thorough lists, together with dialect details for conjunctions, prepositions, and particles
— half : extra nominal and verbal paradigms
— half 3: thesaurus accelerated and up to date, content material completely documented and cross-referenced
— half 4: increased checklist of logograms
— half 5: entire record of photo indicators as present in Borger s Mesopotamisches Zeichenlexikon, tagged through his new numbering procedure, and cross-referenced to the Deimel approach; signal info aligned with MZL for logographic values and with MZL and Das akkadische Syllabar for syllabic values; picture signal pictures now incorporated with the checklist of determinatives; new indexes
— Can now be used along all significant grammars of Akkadian
— A extra beautiful format
— All info checked opposed to the newest released reference works

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