Download An Elementary Latin Grammar by Henry John Roby PDF

Download An Elementary Latin Grammar by Henry John Roby PDF

By Henry John Roby

Henry John Roby (1830-1915) was once a Cambridge-educated classicist whose influential profession incorporated sessions as a schoolmaster, professor of Roman legislation, businessman, academic reformer and Member of Parliament. ordinary Latin Grammar (1862) is an entire, concise advent to the Latin language. Written for lecture room use, it provides crucial grammatical structures within the clearest attainable demeanour, utilizing abundant fabric from the classical authors as demonstrations of easy ideas. The publication courses the reader via noun and adjective declensions and the entire array of verb conjugations prior to turning to prosody and syntax, the place Roby's thoughts in Latin guideline are most blatant. easy, direct, and established upon examples together with texts by way of Livy and Cicero, the ebook exhibits scholars tips to parse uncomplicated sentences whereas additionally introducing them to extra sophisticated and intricate buildings. It is still an invaluable source for academics of Latin, and a desirable rfile within the historical past of schooling.

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Thus Nom. bonMS, bona, bonum; just like dominws, mensa, regnwm. The 2nd class have terminations similar to the third declension. (a) Those ending in is, neuter e, as trisU's, triste, like I I I . (a) navis, mare. B. The ablative singular is always in i. 10 Declension of Nouns Adjective. (6) Those ending in or, neuter us, as melior, meliws, like III. (&), labor, corpws. The penult however of adjectives of the comparative degree is always long; that of substantives like corpus always short. (c) Those ending- in x, as, es, and am or ens, (and some others), as feli«, nostras, am am, &c.

3. I will love, &c. Thou wilt love, &c. H e will love, &c. We shall love, &o. or &c. Ye will love, &c. They will love, &c. ama&o ania&zs amabit umabitis leg* monzm^' monwii monuimus monuistis momierunt or momiere audlci aadivisti andlvit nadivimus axidlvistis smdiveriint or Audivere momieram monuerds momiercit moiwerdmus vaowieratis monuerant aMdlveram audlveras andiverdt nwdlverdmus imdiverdtis audiverant legeram S".

Panis, a loaf of bread. piscis, a fish. postis, a door-post. sentis, a- bramble. ). sodalis, a companion. torris, a firebrand. unguis, a finger-nail. vectis, a bar. vermis, a worm. annalis (sc. liber), year-book. natalis (sc. dies), birth-day. mSlaris (sc. lapis or dens), grindstone, or grinder-tooth. ptigillares (sc. libri), writing-tablets. COMMON to masc. and fem. corbis, a basket, and clilnis, haunch. § 43. 3. NEWER. Nouns ending in e. * Nouns neuter all end in a, e, ar, w, us, I, c, n, and t: Nouns masculine will all prefer or, os, o (onis), es, ex, er: The rest and io feminine; to these Add parisyllablea in is and es.

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