Download An Illustrated Guide to Veterinary Medical Terminology, 3rd by Janet Amundson Romich PDF

Download An Illustrated Guide to Veterinary Medical Terminology, 3rd by Janet Amundson Romich PDF

By Janet Amundson Romich

An Illustrated consultant to Veterinary scientific Terminology, 3rd version offers a visible method of studying scientific phrases and figuring out the fundamentals of veterinary drugs. a scientific strategy of breaking down clinical phrases into their part elements permits readers to realize the basis scientific recommendations and practice serious considering talents whilst confronted with new and strange scientific terminology. Chapters development from easy terminology with regards to anatomical positioning to physique structures, after which to species- particular terminology. Case reports exemplify how scientific terminology will be skilled in a precise veterinary perform.

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Think of the teeth occluding, or stopping, things from passing between them when you clench them. The labial (lā-bē-ahl) surface is the tooth surface facing the lips. Labia is the medical term for lips. Contact (kohn-tahckt) surfaces are the aspects of the tooth that touch other teeth. Contact surfaces are divided into mesial (mē-zē-ahl) and distal (dihs-tahl). The mesial contact surface is the one closest to the midline of the dental arcade or arch. The distal contact surface is the one furthest from the midline of the dental arcade (think distance).

One bone of the digit is called a phalanx (Figures 3–14a and b). Phalanges are numbered from proximal to distal. Most digits have three phalanges, but the most medial phalanx (digit I) has only two phalanges. Digits are the bones analogous to the human finger and vary in number in animals (Figure 3–15). Digit I of dogs is commonly called the dewclaw and may be removed shortly after birth. Ungulates (uhng-yoo-lātz), or animals with hooves, also have digits that are numbered in the same fashion. Animals with a cloven hoof, or split hoof, have digits III and IV, and digits II and V are vestigial.

All Rights Reserved. May not be copied, scanned, or duplicated, in whole or in part. 22 Chapter 2 Umbilicus Figure 2–6 The umbilicus marks the point where the umbilical cord entered the fetus. ) Lying Around Lay, lie, laid, and lying are confusing words in English. However, the only medical term for lying down is recumbent (rē-kuhmbehnt). Recumbent is then modified depending on which side is facing down (Figure 2–7). ■ Dorsal recumbency (dōr-sahl rē-kuhm-behn-sē) is lying on the back. ■ Ventral recumbency (vehn-trahl rē-kuhm-behn-sē) is lying on the belly = sternal (stər-nahl) recumbency.

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