Download Archaeology of the Lower Ohio River Valley by Jon Muller PDF

Download Archaeology of the Lower Ohio River Valley by Jon Muller PDF

By Jon Muller

Although it's been occupied for as lengthy and possesses a mound-building culture of substantial scale and curiosity, Muller contends that the archaeology of the reduce Ohio River Valley—from the confluence with the Mississippi to the falls at Louisville, Kentucky – is still much less famous that that of the flowery mound-building cultures of the higher valley. This learn offers a synthesis of archaeological paintings performed within the quarter, emphasizing inhabitants progress and model inside of an ecological framework in an try to clarify the area’s cultural evolution.

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Two ideal types of population interaction with carrying capacity have been defined by ecologists. The first of these is the "density-dependent" or "Kresponsive" (K stands for "carrying capacity"). It has been suggested that this type of population growth follows what is called the "logistic equation of population growth" (McNaughton and Wolf I Verhulst 1838): \vhere dN/dt is the change in numbers of the popUlation over time t, rm is the maximal population increase per individual per time period, and N" is the initial size of the population.

No less than today, the main streams linked the area together rather than serving as boundaries. Because of the great degree of change through time I it is not possible to divide the valley into regions and localities that are consistent for each period of occupation, but the stream junctions and the environments and opportunities associated with them do provide a useful, if not static. basis for the definition of archaeological localities. 1). 25 ILLINOIS Figure 2, I ~bp I Scale I , o miles , kilometers iii I o i 40 , 50 ...

More recent work in Kentucky has been done by Berle Clay. Clay's master's thesis was on ceramics of the region, and during the time he was a graduate student at Southern Illinois University he contributed to the salvage at the Kincaid site and also began an extensive, one-man survey of the lower portion of the Ohio Valley in Kentucky from Paducah to Cairo. Although Clay now has broader concerns as the state archaeologist of Kentucky, he continues to make significant contributions to lower Ohio Valley archaeology.

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