Download Armageddon Blues by Daniel Keys Moran PDF

Download Armageddon Blues by Daniel Keys Moran PDF

By Daniel Keys Moran

Jalian, a silver-eyed huntress from seven-hundred years sooner or later, travels again to the 20 th century in an try and retailer her global from the ravages of nuclear destruction. a beautiful tour-de-force of affection and experience sweeping alongside a timeline of infinitely attainable worlds

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36 Daniel Keys Moran The young Hunter inclined her head several degrees, and went outside. She left the door open behind her, and a blast of icy air cut in through the opening. Morine shivered in the cold; it seemed to touch her more deeply these days. The sentry pushed the door open slightly more, and Jalian walked in a few paces before her. She stood facing the older women, without arrogance, but without uncertainty or selfconsciousness. She was not particularly tall for her age; she was still a head-and-a-half shorter than her mother.

Ghess’Rith was awaiting her when she reached the Ship. The Ship rose into cloud covered sky, hull narrowing to a needle point. At its point, it was taller than the tallest tree Jalian had ever seen. Ghess’Rith came down to meet her in the lift that took them up from ground level to the Ship’s airlock. He did not speak to her as they made their way through the Ship corridors to his feathernest; he was annoyed about something again, which did not surprise Jalian. Recently ghess’Rith had taken it into his braincase that it was possible to teach the Silver-Eyes males to read and write.

Asked Jalian finally. Georges demonstrated, licking the side of his cone. You stick your tongue out, thought Jalian; I should have known. The smell of the ice cream was vaguely familiar; it was similar in some ways to “doughnuts,” a food which had made her quite ill the one time she had attempted to eat it. Ever since she had made a point of avoiding foods with that particular sweet odor. Refined sugar had not been a part of the Silver Eyes diet. At last, because the damned thing was melting all over her hand, Jalian stuck her tongue out and tentatively licked a small portion of ice cream.

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