Download Arms of Nemesis: A Novel of Ancient Rome (Novels of Ancient by Steven Saylor PDF

Download Arms of Nemesis: A Novel of Ancient Rome (Novels of Ancient by Steven Saylor PDF

By Steven Saylor

The hideously disfigured physique used to be present in the atrium. the single clues are a blood-soaked cloak, and, carved into the stone on the corpse's ft, the observe Sparta. The murdered guy used to be the overseer of Marcus Crassus's property, it appears killed through runaway slaves bent on becoming a member of Spartacus's rebellion. based on the homicide, the rich, strong Crassus vows to honor an historical legislations and kill his ninety-nine closing slaves in 3 days. Now Gordianus the Finder has been summoned from Rome by way of a mysterious consumer to determine the reality in regards to the homicide earlier than the 3 days are up. Enmeshed in an international of determined slaves and duplicitous masters, extravagant feasts and sordid secrets and techniques, Gordianus needs to chance all he loves, together with his lifestyles, to prevent a mindless slaughter-and shop the very way forward for Rome itself.

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Given the fact that you promise that my work will be done in five days, we can hardly be going beyond Italy. Where else, then, but a town on the southern coast, and most likely on the Cup? Oh, perhaps I'm wrong in choosing Baiae; it could be Puteoli, or Neapolis or even Pompeii, but I think not. Anyone as wealthy as your employer—able to pay five times my fee without a qualm, able to send a ship such as this on what seems to be a whim— anyone that rich is going to have a house at Baiae, because Baiae is where any Roman who can afford it builds a summer villa.

For some time I had seen no houses on either side; it seemed that we were passing through a single large estate. We passed grape arbors and cultivated fields, but I saw no slaves at work. I remarked on the absence of any signs of life. Thinking Fabius had not 40 STEVEN SAYLOR heard me over the clatter of our horses, I repeated my remark more loudly, but he only looked straight ahead and did not answer. At last a smaller road branched off to the right. There was no gate, but two pylons flanked the road.

Between the pirates at sea and Spartacus inland, trade everywhere in Campania had come to a standstill. " "Of course not; Mummius doesn't own a trireme! " Fabius smiled thinly. "Oh, but you weren't supposed to know that, were you, at least not until you landed? Well, here we are. Hold on for the jolt—these clumsy rowers, you'd think they were trying to ram an enemy vessel. " I saw the slaves at the oars cower, or pretend to. As we stepped onto the dock I looked back again at the harbor. " 36 STEVEN SAYLOR Fabius shrugged.

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