Download AS & A Level Physics Through Diagrams by Stephen Pople PDF

Download AS & A Level Physics Through Diagrams by Stephen Pople PDF

By Stephen Pople

Professional authors have taken the content material of the AS and a degree requirements and awarded them in a refreshingly transparent and concise layout. basic illustrations are used to offer info in a very transparent and remarkable means, and all content material is damaged down into brief one-page sections.

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E. one which produces rotational motion without translational (linear) motion. 4m 1m ' >: weight of bucket =40N Stability weight of plank = 100 N Example A plank with a bucket on it is supported by two trestles. What force does each trestle exert on the plank? For a static object, there are three types of equilibrium, as shown below. Whether the equilibrium is stable, unstable, or neutral depends on the couple formed by the weight and the reaction when the object is displaced. When object is displaced ...

0 time/s The graph above is for a uniform force of 6 N. In 2 s, the impulse delivered is 12 N s. Numerically, this is equal to the area of the graph between the 0 and 2 s points. 32 Motion and momentum Newton's third law Conservation of momentum A single force cannot exist by itself. Forces are always pushes or pulls between two objects, so they always occur in pairs. One force acts on one object; its equal but opposite partner acts on the other. This idea is summed up by Newton's third law of motion: Trolleys A and B below are initially at rest.

For example, if the particles above are lighter, or the elastic tighter, then each particle is affected more rapidly by the one before, so the wave speed is greater. The speed of electromagnetic waves s1n 1 - -T an d . s1n 11 c;t = --'-l c · · c1 sini sin i1 = n1 n is a constant called the refractive index of the medium (glass). 0 x 108 m s-1. 5. Water does not slow light so much. Its refracti":e index is 1:3. ·Note: • sin i 1 "" sin i. • The refraction at an air-glass boundary is effectively the same as at a vacuum-glass boundary.

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