Download BarCharts QuickStudy Physiology by Randy, Ph.D. Brooks PDF

Download BarCharts QuickStudy Physiology by Randy, Ph.D. Brooks PDF

By Randy, Ph.D. Brooks

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Sample text

Attitude] to assure. I asiwé mwen i té kay vini mé i pa vini pyès. He assured me he would come, but he didn’t come. ADJ sure, certain. Nou asiwé ki dlo-a té pi. We’re sure the water was pure. ADV surely, certainly. V atjivé V to achieve. Yo atjivé tout sa yo té di yo té kay fè-a. They achieved 14 atjizé Kwéyòl – English avèwdi (var: alavèwdi) all that they said they would. [< Fr. achever] ADV about, around, approximately. Nou pati avèwdi sizè òswè. We left at about six in the evening. (syn: alafen di, apipwé, bò, owon, vèò) [< Fr.

Dé jou malad sala fè’w vini blenm kon moun ki pa ni san. Those two days of being sick made you become pale like people who don’t have blood. (see also: pal) [< Fr. blême] bladjè N joker. Nonm sala sé on bladjè. That man’s a joker. (see also: bladjé, blag) [< Fr. blague] blag N joke. I konnèt an chay blag. He knows many jokes. (see also: bladjé, bladjè) [< Fr. blague] blès N internal injury. Sé pou’w bay ti manmay-la wimèd pou blès-la. You must give the child medicine for the internal injuries. (see also: san mò) [< Fr.

The child came from my bosom. 3) a type of vine with prickles on it. Yo ka sèvi boyo pou fè kolyé bay mouton. They use boyo vines to make collars for sheep. (see also: lyenn) [< Fr. boyau] bwadnò N pitch pine. Madanm-lan limen difé-a èk bwadnò. The woman lit the fire with pitch pine. bwanch N branch. Pyé bwa-a pa ni bwanch. The tree has no branches. [< Fr. branche] bwanch fil piece of thread. Mwen vlé on bwanch fil pou koud tjilòt mwen. I want a piece of thread to sew my pants. bwanch laklé key ring, bunch of keys.

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