Download Because I Tell a Joke or Two: Comedy, Politics and Social by Stephen Wagg PDF

Download Because I Tell a Joke or Two: Comedy, Politics and Social by Stephen Wagg PDF

By Stephen Wagg

Simply because I inform a shaggy dog story or explores the advanced dating among comedy and the social adjustments of sophistication, area, age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and nationhood. It indicates how comedy has been used to maintain, problem and to alter strength relationships in society. The individuals, who contain Stephen Wagg, Mark Simpson, Stephen Small, Paul Wells and Frances Williams, provide readings of comedy genres, texts and performers in Britain, the us and Australia. the gathering additionally comprises an interview with the comic Jo model. issues addressed contain: * girls in British comedies resembling Butterflies and Fawlty Towers * the existence and instances of Viz, from Billy the Fish to the fats Slags * queer readings of Morecambe and clever, the male double act * the Marx brothers and Jewish comedy within the usa * black radical comedy in Britain * The Golden women, Cheers, acquaintances and American society.

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