Download Bless the Beasts (Star Trek Voyager, No 10) by Karen Haber PDF

Download Bless the Beasts (Star Trek Voyager, No 10) by Karen Haber PDF

By Karen Haber

In determined want of an important upkeep, the Starship VoyagerTM has come to Sardalia, a planet blessed with nice ordinary good looks and it sounds as if pleasant population. The Sardalians welcome Voyager enthusiastically, yet Captain Janeway quickly grows suspicious. The Sardalians appear virtually too desirous to aid. Janeway fears they're hiding a few mystery time table. while Tom Paris and Harry Kim disappear whereas vacationing the planet, the captain and her group locate themselves stuck in the midst of a planetary conflict -- and confronted with an agonizing ethical difficulty.

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A few ramshackle buildings lined the waterfront. Most of them looked condemned, or about to be. A pervasive odor of old fish, sour mud, and rotting wood filled the air. Paris took in a lungful of it and frowned. " he said. Marima's laughter was a cascade of silvery notes. "Of course.

Joining the Maquis rebels had seemed like a natural next step. Most of her Maquis friends and comrades were with her now, aboard Voyager, first among them being Chakotay. And she was even grudgingly coming to appreciate the company of many of the Starfleet officers she had encountered. Never in her wildest dreams had B'Elanna Torres imagined that she would run the engine room of a magnificent ship like Voyager. It occurred to her that she might be one of the most contented members of the crew. She had her friends with her and enough engineering challenges to occupy even her agile mind.

Her heart sank at the thought of yet one more obstacle blocking their path back home, but she banished the notion that Voyager was an accursed vessel. She'd had her share of bad luck, yes, but most ships did. " Torres shrugged. "My guess is that a power surge caused it, but I won't know for certain until I've run more tests. " Janeway felt that word grating upon her. Unknown. It just wasn't acceptable. An unknown power had brought her ship and crew halfway across the galaxy. But she fought back her irritation.

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