Download Blood Slave by Michelle Houston PDF

Download Blood Slave by Michelle Houston PDF

By Michelle Houston

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So he settled for a vague answer than almost summed up his feelings. Almost. ” Nicholas swallowed, his throat suddenly dry, tight. He knew what he wanted to say, he had admitted it to himself earlier, but now, with a virtual stranger he didn’t know if he could admit it aloud. ” His mind pondering the implications behind Dominic’s words, Nicholas struggled to remember what the scientists had told him. “Prolonged exposure to the vampire’s fangs is what transmits the virus. Each feeding sends a tiny bit into the slave’s bloodstream, but not enough.

Tell me how you became a vampire. ” The voice came from across the room where Nicholas had stood when he first entered. Sighing softly to himself, his cock aching for release, Nicholas started to recite almost by rote what he told all the potential submissives. As he reached the part about the virus that turned him into a vampire being slowly transmitted through repeated feedings, Dominic stopped him. 30 BLOOD SLAVE “So, if you stay with me, and I let you feed off of me, I might cross over too?

Dominic stepped around Nicholas, his hands clasping his shoulders. Pushing slightly, he guided the vampire forward. Nicholas reached out as he took a step then another, feeling for the chair. His fingertips brushed the leather, and he zeroed in. Gripping the armrests, he bent over, offering his ass to his Master. “Very nice. You learn well. " Nicholas waited, unable to breathe as he heard Dominic move about the room. He could hear the soft whisper of clothing falling to the ground, the wet, squishing sound of lubricant being squirted into a hand, and then the sweetest of all, skin sliding against skin.

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