Download Burning Down My Master's House: A Personal Decent into by Jayson Blair PDF

Download Burning Down My Master's House: A Personal Decent into by Jayson Blair PDF

By Jayson Blair

Burning Down My Masters' home is the highly-anticipated memoir that captures the discomfort, anger and fierce selection of Jayson Blair. a tender black journalist who descended from slaves, he rose to develop into a countrywide correspondent on the ny occasions earlier than igniting the biggest journalism scandal in a long time. Blair accepts all of the phrases which were used to explain him: liar, thief, fabricator and plagiarist. He doesn't push accountability for his activities onto someone else, yet seeks to provide an explanation for how anyone with expertise and chance may well fall from such nice heights, essentially by way of his personal hand. For the 1st time, in his personal phrases, Blair seeks to respond to the query that fed on media watchers, writers and readers far and wide: How may well this kind of factor have occurred on the manhattan instances?

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22–23), bewails the loss of the speed and accuracy in reporting through the increasing obstruction of the channels of communication, and praises the newspapers as the best tool to get to know the situation of the people accurately again. This is followed by the despairing conclusion: “In the West they all use this ancient Chinese method. They let the matters of those below reach those above (and thus) ruler and ruled form a single body, and state affairs flourish daily more. ” (L. 144 An interesting phenomenon emerges.

108. 18. GD, vol. 9, “Journal,” p. 1037. 19. In GD, vol. 13, “Publique,” p. ” 20. GD, vol. 13, “Presse,” p. 110. 21. GD, vol. 11, “Opinion,” p. 1385. 22. Albert Schäffer (1831–1903), Bau und Leben des sozialen Körpers, 1875–1879, also stresses that collective consciousness and public opinion are formed in the process of communication between ruler and ruled (quoted in Hanno Hardt, Social Theories of the Press: Early German & American Perspectives, Beverly Hills: Sage Publications, 1979, p. 60) with the press as the most powerful link (p.

79 Gutzlaff ’s Lunyu citation is evidence for yet another variation of this same method. ” By providing news from all over the world in his newspaper, Gutzlaff amplifies the meaning of Confucius’s words. Confucius himself certainly could not have envisaged his disciples knowing everything about the world at large. But Gutzlaff implies that one who does not think about foreign countries will endanger the future of the mother country. Here again, without even changing the original citation, the passage acquires new and enlarged meaning.

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