Download Business English Language Practice Grammar and Vocabulary by Susan Lowe PDF

Download Business English Language Practice Grammar and Vocabulary by Susan Lowe PDF

By Susan Lowe

This e-book goals to aid freshmen of commercial English to boost the vocabulary and grammar had to perform company successfully. The content material and examples are up to date and extremely proper to someone operating or making plans to paintings internationally.
The booklet is designed for college kids at pre-intermediate or intermediate point of English and will be utilized in category or for self-study.

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Ns(y)e-'I' (Southem(n)si-),to-'you sg', ta-'slhe' Pasttenses: ns(y)iind-'l', too-'you sg',taa-'slhe'. Seealsothe Hortativeform page59. The RelativeObjectConcordtoo has variantformsasexplainedabove. TYPESOF VERB FORM Verb forms may consistof one word only, suchas twakátuma'wesent',or of morethanoneword, suchastúyáhituma 'we shallsend',thoughevenúese are sometimes written as oneword. The dialectsdiffer in someinstances:Southern Tongausea one-wordform for thefuture:niyóótuma'weshallsend'. The Tongaverb systemincludestwo pâsttenses,one for events on the day of speaking(Near or Hodiernal Past),and anotherfor eventsbefore today(Remoteor PrehodiemalPasQ: twatúma'wesent(today)'but twakánma'we sent(beforetoday)'.

BothClasses12and t3 canbe usedasdiminutiyes. òuálo, pl. móóto). areusuallyin Cl. ,hiboko,pl. nóboko). e q-k4-ambo on top on th€ ground outside onthehead for úe reason ht-mbo hi-n-si kú-n-ze kú-té ht-mu-nzi wcstward to the ground outside far away homewards mú-sule mú-n-si mú-cí-si mú-mú-twe mu-mu-hzt after oear io the country in úe head in the home/village 16 a-tala l8 Noun Formation Processes tNouns canbe formedby changeofclass: ímwámi'chie? (Class1), íbwámi' chieftainship'(Class14). Others can be formed frorn verbs, and by prefixation of 'formatives' to other 23 nouns;they mayalsoincludecompounding.

E. they are --r. Various authorshaveuseddífferenttermsfor úis, asshownin the paragraphheading. -muntu 's/heis a person,an African' m-bantu 'they arepeople' p-cìsani 'it is a cloth' Classla hasBga- with L toneexceptbeforesi-, 11gu-ciwena 'it's a crocodile' ngy-ní? ' 4gti-slnkondo 'he is an enemy' Class2a hasrybaa-z mbaaciwena 'they arecrocodiles' mbaá-ní? ' rybaá-slnlando 'úey areenemies' Class5 haspdi-, takingon thetoneofthe IV: 11di-bbwe 'it's a sÍone' Classes9 and l0 have4È, takingon thetoneofthe IV , pí-mpóngo 'it's a goat' 25 b) definiteor restricted This statesthat the objectis a particularmemberofthe categoryor species.

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