Download Camptothecins in Cancer Therapy by Val R. Adams PDF

Download Camptothecins in Cancer Therapy by Val R. Adams PDF

By Val R. Adams

A severe evaluate our present knowing of camptothecins, their shortcomings, and of the chances for making improvements to their medical functionality. The authors speak about new camptothecin analog improvement, drug supply concerns for optimizing their anticancer task, and their power use in various diverse cancers. extra chapters describe what's identified in regards to the biochemistry, the pharmacology, and the chemistry of the camptothecins, together with the mechanism of topoisomerase and the way camptothecins poison this enzyme, using animal types in defining the anticancer power of camptothecins, and the query of camptothecin resistance.

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Because TOP-I is an essential enzyme in humans, it is also not possible to avoid inhibition by CPT via dramatic lowering of intracellular TOP-I levels. Accordingly, resistance to CPT is often characterized by alteration of TOP-I structure (22,23). 2. Other Nitrogen Heterocycles In addition to the camptothecins, several other classes of nitrogen heterocycles have been found to promote the cleavage of DNA by TOP-I, with concomitant stabilization of the formed enzyme-DNA covalent binary complex. These have included the benzophenanthridine alkaloids nitidine (12) and fagaronine (13) (24), protoberberine-type alkaloids such as coralyne (14) and dihydrocoralyne (15), and a number of indolocarbazole derivatives, exemplified by 16 and 17 (25) (Fig.

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