Download Canadian Campaigns 1860-70 (Men-at-Arms 249) by David Ross PDF

Download Canadian Campaigns 1860-70 (Men-at-Arms 249) by David Ross PDF

By David Ross

It's anticipated that at least 20,000 British North american citizens, and doubtless as many as 50,000 served within the US military through the Civil warfare. No quicker had the warfare attracted to an in depth than a brand new danger materialised south of the border: The Fenian Brotherhood, the yank department of the Irish Republican military. The Brotherhood's fundamental aim was once Irish independence; this they might try and in achieving by means of an invasion of Canada. This high quality textual content through David Ross and supply Tyler examines the Canadian campaigns 1860-70, illustrated by way of a variety of photos and 8 complete web page color plates by means of Rick Scollins.

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