Download Captains of Consciousness: Advertising and the Social Roots by Stuart Ewen PDF

Download Captains of Consciousness: Advertising and the Social Roots by Stuart Ewen PDF

By Stuart Ewen

Captains of Consciousness deals a ancient examine the origins of the advertisements and shopper society on the flip of the 20th century. For this re-creation Stuart Ewen, certainly one of our most excellent interpreters of pop culture, has written a brand new preface that considers the ongoing impact of ads and commercialism in modern existence. now not restricting his critique strictly to shoppers and the ads tradition that serves them, he offers a desirable historical past of the ways that enterprise has sophisticated its look for new shoppers by way of ingratiating itself into Americans’ daily lives. A well timed and still-fascinating critique of existence in a client tradition.

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It's how the world's greatest (and worst) novelists do it. You'll find more vibrant, closely described and realistic characters in Middlemarch, American Psycho or To Kill a Mockingbird than in many advertising briefs. Not real people? Sure, I'll give you that. But then, the designated recipients of much business and copywriting aren't either, to judge from the dreary, spiritless tat foisted on them by too-busy-to-think corporate copywriters. Copywriter's toolkit: Fear and greed A quick route into your reader's head is to focus on fear and greed.

Will it save them time? Save them money? Make them look good? Make them look successful? Make them rich? If this sounds familiar, it should. We're back to the B-word again. You know, benefits. Knowing all the facts about your product is an excellent position to be in. But to make the sale you have to DRAMATIZE them in terms of benefits. Here are three more examples of products that seem to be one thing when viewed from the producer's perspective and are something else (when viewed from the customer's perspective).

Don't be vague here. Tell them EXACTLY what you want them to do, when and how. I'd say probably all copywriters manage to get the K. It's very rare to find a piece of copywriting where the copywriter imparts not a single fact to their reader. Many will get the C. Even the most jaded hack or wet-behind-the-ears beginner knows you need to ask for something. But few, very few, copywriters ever reach out to the reader and try to elicit an emotional response. In other words, get them to F. This, as I have already suggested, is where all buying decisions get made.

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