Download Case in Africa (Oxford Linguistics) by Christa König PDF

Download Case in Africa (Oxford Linguistics) by Christa König PDF

By Christa König

This booklet offers a typological review of the various manifestations of grammaticalized case structures in African languages. After defining and distinguishing case structures, Christa K???nig starts off a radical research of case in approximately a hundred African languages and divulges a number of positive aspects, akin to tone as a marker for case and the marked-nominative procedure, that are infrequent phenomena in different languages of the realm. anywhere attainable, the writer takes into consideration facts from her personal enormous and extremely popular box examine. The e-book offers solutions to questions comparable to the subsequent: what's the courting among definiteness and case. Are case phenomena areally or genetically prompted? Why are case differences neutralized in approximately all case languages with verb preliminary or verb medial notice order? Which grammaticalizations look with case? what's the courting among issues and nominative circumstances, or concentration and accusative circumstances?

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