Download Cassell's Colloquial German: A Handbook of Idiomatic Usage by Beatrix Anderson PDF

Download Cassell's Colloquial German: A Handbook of Idiomatic Usage by Beatrix Anderson PDF

By Beatrix Anderson

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24). The NIV exhibits the practice followed by generations of lexicographers who transmit standard glosses that are reiterated by translators who do not rigorously inquire about the meaning of a lexeme in a specific context. In this case the NIV followed such versions as The Twentieth Century and Goodspeed. LEXICAL PROBLEMS: SYNONYMY AND METONYMY 11 William Tyndale, followed by the revisers in the King James tradition, renders man. The gloss friend suggests a connotation of intimacy, but the literary cast of the text points to the more general sense of one who is a member of humanity.

1. ‫ ܗܘܐ‬as Auxiliary Verb A difference in the use of the verbal system lies behind many of the cases of the verb ‫ ܗܘܐ‬which have no correspondence in the Masoretic Text. In Syriac the copula frequently occurs together with other verbal forms—often the participle—to form the main predication within a clause: 1 Kgs 1:1 ̈ ‫ܒܠܒܘܫܐ‬ ‫ܘܡܟܣܝܢ ܗܘܘ ܠܗ‬ ‘and they were covering (ptc. ]) him with clothes’ ‫ויכסהו בבגדים‬ ‘and they covered (impf. ) him with clothes’ The use of the participle in this manner did become more pervasive in later phases of Hebrew, but was not common in Kings.

The “excussit, decussit, fructus ex arboribus; vel frumenta, aut legumina ex folliculis: & Concussit quassavit, allisit, contrivit. ‫ ܚܒܛܬܗ‬f. concussit eum, Marc 9:20. Benoni Foem. ; Leiden: J. Muller, C. Boutesteyn, S. Luchtmans, 1717). 17. ; London: A. Miller for Thomas Underhill, 1650). 19 “Omnis significatio ejus est trituratio. Unde ‫ חבט‬in conjugatione Kal interpretabor baculo, vel virga excussit frumenta aut legumina ex folliculis, aut olivas, aliosve fructus ex arboribus, purgavit, trituro.

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