Download Cerberus: Wolf in Fold (The Four Lords of the Diamond, Vol. by Jack L. Chalker PDF

Download Cerberus: Wolf in Fold (The Four Lords of the Diamond, Vol. by Jack L. Chalker PDF

By Jack L. Chalker

Robots have been infiltrating the Federation. anyone used to be kidnapping humans and substituting indetectable, artificial imitations. someplace, extraterrestrial beings have been learning the Federation, utilizing innovations past human advancements. the path led again to Cerberus and the Lord who governed that planet.

Cerberus, even if, used to be one of many Warden Worlds - and people Worlds have been the untouchables of area. There a wierd microscopic life-form invaded all topic, and somebody so contaminated died on leaving these Worlds. males may possibly move there, yet by no means return.

But the Federation had its personal ideas. They took a legal named Qwin Zhang and stripped her brain of all reminiscence and character. Then they poured into that vacant receptacle the complete brain of the Federation's top operative. They exiled her to the felony global of Cerberus. The undertaking: locate the Lord who governed, kill him, and take over. Too undesirable there have been issues approximately Cerberus they could not recognize!

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She was merely one of the products of the civilized worlds, a person whose job it was to meet with citizens wishing to alter their dwelling’s appearance. She would sit down and discuss new layouts with them, run them and then psych profiles through her computers, and come up with new and different ulterior designs that would please her clients. As her name implied, she had been raised for this job, and since the Confederacy made few mistakes, she loved it and could think of no other citizen she would rather be.

After a short, expectant pause, I felt again a more pronounced vibration than before, indicating movement. Either I was on a much smaller vessel or located nearer the drives. Still, it took another four interminable days, twelve meals, to reach our destination. Long, certainly—but also fast for a sublight carrier, probably a modified and totally automated freighter. The vibration stopped, and I knew we were in orbit. Again I had that dual feeling of trapped doom and exhilaration. A crackling sound and a speaker I’d never known was there came to life.

One such agent, a volunteer, became one of the Four Lords himself. Yet the Confederacy’s only link to the alien menace that might attack and destroy them at any time was the Warden Diamond. They had to put not just agents down there but their best—and they finally figured out a way to do it, more or less. They took their best agent, an Assassin First Class of absolutely impeccable loyalty and devotion, and then introduced him to the Merton Process, by which the personality and memories of someone could be stored in a computer and then fed into other bodies.

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