Download Chain of Attack (Star Trek, No 32) by Gene DeWeese PDF

Download Chain of Attack (Star Trek, No 32) by Gene DeWeese PDF

By Gene DeWeese

Whereas mapping a chain of gravitational anomalies, the U.S.S. firmâ„¢ is without notice hurled thousands of light-years via area, right into a far away galxy of scorched and dead worlds...into the center of an never-ending interstellar conflict. with out long ago domestic, the crippled starship unearths itself less than relentless and suicidal assault through either warring fleets! And Captain Kirk needs to gamble the lives of his workforce on his skill to forestall a struggle that has raged for hundreds of years -- and ravaged a galaxy...

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Seconds later he stepped onto the bridge. "What is it, Mr. " he asked even before the doors hissed shut behind him. Scott, standing and vacating the command chair, pointed at the viewscreen. " His eyes on the screen, Kirk settled into the command chair. The object on the screen, a hexagonal cylinder, was turning slowly, not about the axis of the cylinder but not quite end over end either. "Details, Mr. " "Mass approximately one hundred thousand kilograms. Range approximately fifty thousand kilometers.

Mr. " "No, sir. " "To travel that distance at that speed, Captain," Spock volunteered, "would have taken twenty thousand standard years. " "Could it be a beacon of some sort, Mr. Spock? One that has gone dead for one reason or another? " Kirk nodded thoughtfully. " "Negative, Captain. " "Not suggesting as much as hoping, Spock. I was thinking in terms of lighthouses and rocky coasts, actually. " "Very well. Mr. Sulu, impulse power. " As the Enterprise moved forward, the object grew on the screen.

So I noticed. Analysis, Mr. " "Primitive laser weapon, Captain, similar to early Federation equipment, but more powerful and longer range than anything the Federation ever produced. It is much less effective, of course, than phasers of the same power. " "None operational, Captain, though there appear to be a number of fusion devices in addition to the malfunctioning power source. " "Mr. " Frowning, Kirk hesitated. On the screen, the object suddenly lost what little stability it had displayed and began tumbling end over end, the laser beam flailing even more wildly through space than before.

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