Download Chomsky's Universal Grammar: An Introduction, 3rd Edition by Vivian J. Cook, Mark Newson PDF

Download Chomsky's Universal Grammar: An Introduction, 3rd Edition by Vivian J. Cook, Mark Newson PDF

By Vivian J. Cook, Mark Newson

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Kremer Beitr. Krochm = = Id. , Beiträge . A. Krochmal. KSGW = Kt Kƒthibh . = Kue = Königl. Sächs. Ak. d. Wiss. A. Kuenen. Kue Ges. Abh. La = Lag = Id. , Gesammelte Abhandlungen . Lamentations. = P. de Lagarde. Lag Agathang. = Id. , Agathangelus Lag Arm. Stud. , or AS Lag BN = = Lag Novi Psalt. spec. Lag Or = = Id. , Armenische Studien Id. , Bildung d. Nomina Lag M , or Mitth. Lag Onom. = Id. , Mittheilungen = Id. , Novi Psalterii Specim. Id. , Onomastica Sacra Id. , Orientalia Lag Pers. Stud. = Lag Se Id.

Kau AT = Die Heiligen Schriften d. Alien Testaments , ed. Kau Kau MN = Id. , Mittheilungen u. Nachrichten d. ) = Kau AT . Kay = W. Kay. KB = E. Schrader, Keilinschriftl. Bibliothek . Ke = C. F. Keil. Kenn Kennedy = B. Kennicott. = (usually) A. R. S. Kennedy. K E. Kautzsch, Aramaismen im A. T. Kau E. Kautzsch. Kau E, Kautzsch, Die Heiligen Schriften d. Alten Testaments, ed. au. KG = E. Schrader, Die Keilinschr. und die Geschichtsforschung . kg. = king. Kgs. Ki = Kings. = David Kimchi (Qamchi). Kiep(ert) Kirkp = = Kit H.

Studien aus Wörttemberg . v. Tu = F. Tuch. txt. = text. err. = textual error. Exp. usu. B = = = Bab. Exped. of the Univ. of Pennsylvania. usual, usually. Vulgate. v = verse v. = vide , see. van d. H. = E. van der Hooght, Heb. text of OT var. = variant reading. VB = Variorum Bible. TB Transactions of the Society of Biblical Archaeology. ThT Theologisch Tijidschrift. Bab. Babylonian. vb. = verb. vdVelde = C. W. M. van de Velde, especially Id. T. , Narrative of a Journey through Syria and Palestine vdVelde Mem(oir) = Id.

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