Download Coding Microbiological Data for Computers by Morrison Rogosa, Micah I. Krichevsky, Rita R. Colwell PDF

Download Coding Microbiological Data for Computers by Morrison Rogosa, Micah I. Krichevsky, Rita R. Colwell PDF

By Morrison Rogosa, Micah I. Krichevsky, Rita R. Colwell (auth.)

As the identify indicates, this ebook offers an open ended process during which computing device concepts facilitate encoding, access, administration, and research of microbiological information derived from the examine of micro organism, algae, fungi, and protozoa. The procedure isn't really limited via any taxonomie perspective or proprietary machine expertise and is freely and simply adaptable to the certain wishes of specific difficulties. this allows investigators to deal successfully with unexpected parts in their research or with new information generated through outdated or new expertise. we're essentially thankful for the worthy suggestion and encouragement of Professor V.B.D. Skerman. a lot of persons contributed principles and technical wisdom, and clients of the approach have contributed information and responsive feedback for greater than a decade. really, we recognize Lesley Jones for a few editorial support; Keith E. McNeil for contributions to part 7; Elwyn G. McIntyre for beneficial guidance with part eight; Dr. B. Amdur for significant contributions to part 21; Dr. A.J. Wicken for information in increasing and updating part 23; Dr. S. Feingold for a few positive aspects of anaerobic micro organism in part 24; Drs. J.

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The information should still be supplied as described below with the following simple exceptions. An arbitrary descriptive name may be supplied in pI ace of the genus name if grouping of organisms is desired. In this case, a new set of data sheets ("Form" in the conventions we use) must be used for each group designated. Alternatively, the genus name may be left blank and the information supplied in one batch. When entering information onto the code sheets, please use pencil, marking heavily, for those sections requiring coded answers.

Q111 Do not exceed the spaces provided on a line. If necessary, abbreviate or round off to the nearest whole number. Always use the English alphabet and Arabic numerals. All other Directions for coding data 29 questions (those having only 1 space available) are to be answered "yes" or "no" by using a "1" for "yes" and a "0" for "no". However, if you do not know the answer for a given space, leave that space blank. Ignore Question 4 on the title page of the Questionnaire itself; it is primarily for internal bookkeeping purposes.

For example, all code numbers and descriptors of Salmonella are in one section and features descriptive of Streptococcus are in another section. If the reference strain and the test strain belong to different genera, the RSC is cross-referenced. For example, a Streptococcus strain may be tested for sensitivity to a bacteriocin produced by a Bacillus strain. Organizing the RSC around genera enables the individual scientist (who is concerned with only a few genera in a given study) to locate expeditiously the extant RSC numbers and descriptors for a genus.

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