Download Comparative Chukotko-Kamchatkan Dictionary by Michael Fortescue PDF

Download Comparative Chukotko-Kamchatkan Dictionary by Michael Fortescue PDF

By Michael Fortescue

This quantity is the 1st accomplished comparative dictionary to hide the entire of the Chukotko-Kamchatkan ('Paleosiberian') kin. Reconstructions for either the proto-Chukotian and Proto-Chukokto-Kamchatkan degrees are arrange. Separate sections on inflections and derivational affixes and an overview of what's identified of the (pre-)historical history are integrated. The genealogical prestige of this family members has lengthy been debatable, yet its coherence as a kinfolk can now be regarded as confirmed. Its geographical place among Siberia and northernmost the US presents it with specific value as regards makes an attempt to narrate the languages and peoples of the outdated international with these of the New.

This dictionary is geared toward students andstudents of linguistic typology and old linguistics mostly in addition to to a smaller viewers of experts within the box of Paleosiberian language experiences. The dictionary makes the typologically fascinating Paleosiberian language teams extra obtainable to linguistic researchers who don't learn Russian.

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Aspas and compare Κ arfapel 'spider' from anja 'old woman' - note the old 'spider woman' figure of C myths, but there could be influ. ] Κ [Rf. has epaiel 'spider'; Vdov. 1961:57 has epeepej, as for C] P C K ? aeqsnset- 'envy' [cf. -ast-; there may be a link to PI 'other'] CK: eqanet- 'envy' [Moll; Zuk. has aqen-yajqan 'envy (noun)'] A [Kib. et al. ', but this probably goes with Rasqa>] I [Joch, has eqen(u)- 'envy (verb)'; Rad. , but also Ε xanxtlezic 'envy (verb)'] P C K ? ' [cf. ; for sense 'wounded part or place' see ir-] Ke [accRun ' l o w tide, ebb tide'] K: aj-yajgan 'low tide' [and Zuk.

1917 has Kam caimak, Par. ceimak 'near'] A: se'mak 'nearby', se"m-av- 'approach' [and n-se"m-qin 'near'; Kib. et al. also have tr. ta-sem-av- 'approach'; Pal. cejm-kin 'near' and cajmaq 'nearer'] PCK? ] I: emk' 'broth' [from Chukot.? ] PC and PCK stems 29 PCK? aejpa- 'close or cover' [cf. ) closed o f f , ajpeta '(it is) closed o f f ; and Skor. has ajpa-n 'dam', loc. ajpa-nw-ak] Ke [inuu-ajpat- 'close window'; Asin. also has ainpitn 'lid'] K: ajpa- 'close, dam' [and ajpa-rrtjan 'lid, stopper', ajpaaj 'dam, fence'] A: e~pa- 'close' I [ejpe-s 'close, cover' - in Kur.

Agaj, Par. egej 'star' [and alqap-agaj 'polar (= pole) star' (and Bog. has Paren ackap-agaj)] A: agar, Pal. eger 'star' [Kr. has Kar. engys; Bog. has Kar. alkep-eger, Pal. alkap-eger 'polar star'] 36 PC and PCK stems I: egezecX, gez(z)ecX 'star' [Kr. has W agazin, Ε ezengyn (Rad. ezegid, ezenic), Uka ezenic (Klap. asenggic), S asangyt (Rad. azanid); Sar. th. (secret)' [Moll & In. - also for erjin 'secret, dream' and eginman 'word, thought' (cf. ); S agenmetaken 'sacred'; Bog. has egi- 'tell tale about times past', also teg-egi- 'praise'] Ke: aijinma-yajqan 'interest(ing)' K: egirrtnake 'interesting', ei]inJmu jacca- 'interest', eqin'mu lag- 'cheer up' [and Moll has egirfman 'happiness, joke'; Rf.

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