Download Confessions of a Norfolk Newshound by Keith Skipper PDF

Download Confessions of a Norfolk Newshound by Keith Skipper PDF

By Keith Skipper

The sequel to Skipper's best-selling Confessions of a rustic Boy, it is a highly unique account of his early occupation in journalism from 1961 to 1979.Journalism within the '60s and '70s used to be nonetheless a global of epic lunch hours, carbon paper, scorching steel and kooky bosses—and one in all camaraderie, commitment and unending hours spent in pursuit of fine quarry and replica. Keith Skipper recollects these pre-computer days with sly humor and a pointy ear for wealthy discussion.

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CONFESSIONS OF A NORFOLK NEWSHOUND 53 Roderic Leigh, my new colleague on the Dereham and district reporting rounds, went filming on Holkham Beach in Operation Crossbow, one of the main productions of 1964. The Second World War thriller also starred George Peppard, Tom Courteney, John Mills, Lilli Palmer, Anthony Quayle, Patrick Wymark, Jeremy Kemp, Trevor Howard, Silvia Sims and Richard Todd. Sophie Loren had a small part as a Dutch war widow – but didn’t call on her Norfolk fan club. While Roderic gloried in his role as a German sailor, I covered Royal British Legion and trades council meetings, flower shows, sporting fixtures, golden weddings, magistrates’ courts and two chimney fires.

Our former union official friend trod more carefully after that, and duly collected his reward by being elected to the committee the following year as a sort of unofficial ‘regulations watchdog’. Another constant source of lively debate emerged from Beeston Drome, where small concrete huts huddled together in a gradual dilapidation since the early war years when there was an American airbase in the village. I heard prolonged sighs of relief at a 1963 full meeting of Mitford and Launditch Rural District Council when the struggle to rehouse Drome tenants was completed.

There were a few other minor pitfalls on the roads to Wembley and Lord’s, as well as the inevitable cry after a critical report that those who can’t kick a ball or hold a bat properly write snide things about those who aspire to certain levels of achievement. C. Indeed, I achieved one of my big ambitions with them in the 1980s, returning to dear old Dereham to play on that sacred town turf in a Norfolk Junior Cup semi-final. We lost, but I had a bowl and lingered at the bar long enough to prove I could still talk a good game.

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