Download Critical Care Challenges - Disorders, Treatments, Procedures by J. McCann PDF

Download Critical Care Challenges - Disorders, Treatments, Procedures by J. McCann PDF

By J. McCann

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The branches of the CFA are the following. 1. Superficial inferior epigastric artery begins anterior from the CFA and 1 cm from the inguinal ligament, and ascends with it anteriorly. It supplies the superficial inguinal lymph nodes and the superficial fascia and skin. It anastomoses with branches from the inferior epigastric artery. 2. Superficial circumflex iliac artery begins near the superficial epigastric artery through the fascia lata, and lateral to the opening of the saphenous vein turns laterally from the inguinal ligament moving toward the anterior superior iliac spine.

It then inserts on the linea aspera, medial supracondylar line (adductor part), and adductor tubercle of the femur (hamstring part). This triangular muscle is the largest of the adductor muscles and is seen from posterior view of the thigh as well. The medial part of the muscle is a thick mass that descends and ends in a round tendon in the lower third of the thigh. The long, linear attachment of the muscle has a series of openings that have tendinous arches attached to the bone. The upper four openings are small and allow perforating branches to pass through them, while the lowest one is a larger opening called the adductor hiatus formed by the tendon splitting distally allowing the femoral vessels to pass through to the popliteal fossa.

It is posterolateral to the femoral artery, which it accompanies in the adductor canal distally; proximally in the canal and also in the femoral triangle distally (apex) it is located posterior to the artery; at the base of the triangle it is located medial to the artery. Between the femoral artery and the canal, the vein is located in the femoral sheath in the middle compartment. The venus profunda femoris unites 28 Latham et al. with it posteriorly about 4 –12 cm distal to the inguinal ligament and then anteriorly the greater saphenous vein joins it.

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