Download d - problem on weaklyq-convex domains by Ho L. H. PDF

Download d - problem on weaklyq-convex domains by Ho L. H. PDF

By Ho L. H.

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Consequently, the maximum resultant force acting on the cylinder over its total length may be smaller t h a n the force acting on the cylinder over the length of a single cell. T h e average length of the cells may be termed t h e correlation length. T h e precise determination of the correlation length requires experimental determination of the spanwise variation of t h e correlation coefficient of some unsteady quantity related to vortex shedding, such as fluctuating surface pressure, or a fluctuating velocity just outside the shear layer at separation.

W. (1992): Aspect ratio and end plate effects on vortex shedding from a circular cylinder. J. , 234:191-217. H. (1969): T h e unsteady flow and wake near an oscillating cylinder. Trans. ASME J. , 91:493-502. K. (1988): T h e existence of two stages in the transition to threedimensionality of a cylinder wake. Phys. Fluids, 31(11):3165-3168. K. (1989): Oblique and parallel modes of vortex shedding in the wake of a circular cylinder at low Reynolds number. J. , 206:579-627. Chapter 2. Forces on a cylinder in steady current T h e flow around t h e cylinder described in Chapter 1 will exert a resultant force on the cylinder.

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