Download Daga grammar, from morpheme to discourse by Elizabeth Murane PDF

Download Daga grammar, from morpheme to discourse by Elizabeth Murane PDF

By Elizabeth Murane

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Td h "CiSlA L < / i £ V^o V^^XrC'^V ^ Ptease fry i f on over t/iere. /What do you think? ^ohta tit t firt" 1 frffX* L <£ -} o Wow do j w t /i£e f/tis one? means and the like; here it is used to make the suggestion more indirect and polite. Note that it is different from & ~ 0 ) ( $ ' 9 &\*\*A,"Ctft£ in L4GNV. /(I) 0 like ~ better. <>GNIII ~ £ > t H ^ > < H > ^ > G N I I I / ~ t t t " O C N S-3 " f e f i t H » A - C f 1 1 \ yfth C o ^ O l I ^ l H J H c I itfeo (I) like the colour, but the design is a bit...

G. Showa 40 is 1965). The present era is called Heisei and began in 1989. Nowadays, official documents are still dated with the Japanese era year, but the Western calender is also widely used. i. ff\ A, U " 9 L i current address ^ A,tr $ i? W}ffi9t name and address of employer 3 . C o m m o n phrases used by a doctor When a doctor asks a patient about his symptoms, he w i l l often say: £ Ltzfroj is the polite equivalent of t""9 LZ r model conversation, the receptionist politely asked Yamashita-san ^oj £") r LtzfroA .

Strength —V * *** WTiat's i/ig size o/ t/ie ooofc? B : i»C^v»"CiAbout £'h^ 0 this. about what size ^LllGNVI VII. Keego ^ l n j < 2 >: regular honorifics r Examples ® A : *tt%$(*t»&o L^v^-r^> /s Kimnra-sensee 0 in? has already gone home. ® A : »t3<*)»rlHK fcit^K-S:9 % Ltzfro Did you read this morning's newspaper? B : \t\K ffifrt Yes, J did. 46 Ltzo hi: TII— A t a department store [Explanation] 1. Formation of regular honorifics Recall the irregular honorific verbs we saw in Lesson 9: fortunately, there is a regular way of forming honorific verbs from most Group I and D verbs, as shown below: + H nfi-f lift mz> - [V(base)] iZftZ/ZVZt + tsUUzftZ> isftuz &mt)iz%z>/&m*)K&*)tt 1.

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