Download Damaged Goods (Doctor Who: The New Adventures) by Russell T. Davies PDF

Download Damaged Goods (Doctor Who: The New Adventures) by Russell T. Davies PDF

By Russell T. Davies

The general practitioner fights the scourge of substances on a council property in Eighties Britain yet there's a way more risky adversary that's pervading the scene. it really is attached with an obsessive lady, a distinct baby and a determined cut price made one Christmas Eve.

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Entering the courtyard, all four stepped closer to the wall to let a man run past. He was young, short, dressed in a cheap black suit, and his face was pale and sweating. He could not leave the Quadrant fast enough. Bev looked in the direction from which he had come. ‘That didn’t take long,’ she muttered cynically, and she pointed out the wood- covered windows of the Capper’s residence. ‘Drugs den,’ said Bev, proud to show off her local knowledge. She felt much more confident, practically in charge, now they were on her territory.

Mrs Lonsdale was anticipating aloud a deep- green carpet for the new home which the council would have to provide. ’ He looked surprised, so she continued, ‘One minute you’re saying how every home’s a fortress, the next minute here we are, meeting them all. ’ ‘I never said I wanted them to like us,’ said the Doctor. ’ He moved away from Roz, pushing through the crowd, eyes darting left and right as though calculating the importance of each individual, then either dismissing them or making a mental no to return to their company at some point.

Sympathy focused on the Lonsdale family (number 10), the Charlesworth family (number 12) and the Marquess sisters (number 35, directly above the Capper’s). After the petrol had burnt itself out, the fire had slowed, damaging only these three properties. The Lonsdales, the Charlesworths and the Marquess sisters simultaneously cried out their distress and thanked their good luck in surviving. Mrs Lonsdale was anticipating aloud a deep- green carpet for the new home which the council would have to provide.

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