Download Darkwood 04 (Also Known as Forest Kingdom) - Hawk And Fisher by Simon R Green PDF

Download Darkwood 04 (Also Known as Forest Kingdom) - Hawk And Fisher by Simon R Green PDF

By Simon R Green

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Good," said Hawk, and frowned at how rough his voice sounded. He wouldn't have minded, but it felt even worse than it sounded. " "I've felt worse. " "No," said Hawk. "He hasn't got the teeth for it. " "Yeah, right. Trask was just the Judas Goat. But I think we'd better stake him anyway. " Hawk pounded the stake into her heart. It was hard work. He let Fisher stake Trask, while he cut off the girl's head as cleanly as he could. There was no blood, but that somehow made it worse. Cutting off Trask's head was no problem at all.

The only sound was his and Fisher's footsteps, echoing dully back from the thick stone walls to either side of them. Despite the heat. Hawk felt a sudden chill run down his back, and the sweat on his brow was suddenly cold. Hawk shook his head angrily. This was no time to be letting his nerves get the better of him. Hawk and Fisher finally came to a halt before a decrepit two-storey building almost at the end of the lane. Paint was peeling from the closed front door, and the stonework was pitted and crumbling.

Nothing but dust and shadows. He straightened up and looked at Fisher. She shook her head and looked uneasily about her. Hawk scowled, and looked back at the bed. And then he smiled slowly as an idea came to him. " Between them they got the bed away from the wall, and Hawk studied the wall paneling carefully in the light from his lamp. He smiled grimly as he made out the lines of a hidden panel, fitted his axe blade into one of the cracks, and applied a slow pressure. The wood creaked and groaned loudly, and then a whole section of the wall swung open on a concealed hinge.

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