Download Pilgrimage to Hell (Deathlands Series #1) by James Axler PDF

Download Pilgrimage to Hell (Deathlands Series #1) by James Axler PDF

By James Axler

On a January day, a Presidential inauguration day, a one-megaton blast ripped throughout the Soviet embassy in Washington, D.C. next explosions around the world replaced the face and the form of the earth endlessly. Out of the ruins emerged Deathlands. during this blasted middle of the hot the USA, a bunch of individuals plan desperately to flee the eerie wastes and mutated lifestyles types of their setting. 3 warriors--the difficult, clever Ryan Cawdor, a good looks referred to as Krysty Wroth, and the armorer J.B. Dix--set out on a harrowing trip to discover a rumored enclave excessive within the mountains.

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A new lake has formed in what was once Washington State; new deserts have appeared; the Badlands are even worse. Large areas of the country lie under an umbrella of dust and debris that clings to the atmosphere in strange forms: in some places as a boiling, red-scarred belt of cloud maybe a mile thick; in others as a dense blanket of toxic smog and floating nuclear junk. A coverlet of destruction mantling a land of doom. Little wonder, then, that the entire continent, north to south, east to west, coast to coast, is known to those who inhabit it as Deathlands.

I said, what do you think, Kurt? " And now there he was, trekking through this savage land at McCandless's heels, following Dolfo Kaler's trail and the trail of all those other poor bastards who had never made it back to Mocsin. Never made it back to anywhere. Sure he was mad. But come to think of it, not half as mad as Jordan Teague would have been if Teague had gotten his fat hands on him. Hiring on with McCandless had been the perfect escape—except of course for McCandless's lousy rep and McCandless's lousy destination.

Denning's view, mildly expressed, was that the obvious course of action could often lead to needless danger. The road, he'd said, was too open; cover was negligible. Who knew what dangers lurked hidden, out of sight? Muties, mannies—anything could be up there. On the road you were an easy target. Maybe that was why no one had ever returned from the Dark Hills, though many had set out. Try some other route, Denning had advised; and if there wasn't one, then okay—the road. It was a reasonable argument, put in a reasonable manner.

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