Download Deathstalker 05 - Deathstalker Destiny by Simon R Green PDF

Download Deathstalker 05 - Deathstalker Destiny by Simon R Green PDF

By Simon R Green

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I know I shouldn't be bitter," she said finally. "But I can't help it. So much left to do here, and I won't be around to see things get done properly. " "I'll be here," said Moon. "I'll watch over her. But you mustn't give in, Sister. You're a fighter. " "I'm a leper. And I've always known that's a death sentence. I just thought… I'd have more time. We're all dying here, Moon. " "I don't feel guilty," said Moon. " They both managed a small smile at that. "It doesn't seem fair," said Moon. " "Yeah, well, that's life.

To be just a part of a group, instead of its leader. It felt good to lose himself in mindless, repetitious work, and to have achieved something definite by the end of the day. But most of the real work was coming to an end. A few more days, and the Mission would be complete again, and all that would be left was scrabbling about on the sloping roof fixing leaks, and other small stuff. Owen didn't know what he'd do then. He drank the wine the leper had brought him, too tired even to grimace at the bitter taste.

Do it for me, Tobias. " Moon considered the matter. All work had stopped as the lepers listened to see what he would say. Moon finally shrugged. He hadn't quite got the gesture right yet, but it was recognizable. "The tree felling is pretty much finished. My people can finish up on their own. Very well; I'll put together a small party, and go get you your stardrive, Owen. But please understand; when you leave here, you go alone. I share your concern for Hazel, but I cannot abandon the people here.

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