Download Decoding Kanji: A Practical Approach to Learning Look-Alike by Yaeko S. Habein, Gerald B. Mathias PDF

Download Decoding Kanji: A Practical Approach to Learning Look-Alike by Yaeko S. Habein, Gerald B. Mathias PDF

By Yaeko S. Habein, Gerald B. Mathias

There are lots of issues that make studying to learn jap tough, and them all need to do with kanji. it's been steered that kanji be banned from use, which would end up awkward due to the fact that they've been part of the language for over a 1,400 years. It has additionally been urged that they be simplified, and a half-hearted try used to be truly made to just do that. yet, in spite of everything, the coed has just one recourse-which is, to profit them.

Of the various problems awarded through kanji, this e-book takes up one: the truth that lots of them glance so a great deal alike. on your early years as a scholar, you might imagine that what you notice earlier than you is the easy personality for "big," merely to learn that, sorry, that is its look-alike, "dog." in a while on your occupation, you notice what you think to be the lately discovered "rope," purely to learn that it's its kissing cousin "steel." Years later, with loads of adventure less than your belt, you're still stuck flat-footed if you happen to mistake "samurai" for "wait."

This ebook is helping the coed to beat this challenge of kissing cousins and spitting photos, to realize the delicate variations that distinguish one kanji from one other. With various routines and charts, the tell-tale indicators that supply every one kanji away are indelibly printed on the mind.

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3. 4. 5. 6. indd 44 6/24/08 3:19:47 PM AIRPORT PROCEDURES AND FACILITIES 2 Vocabulary Study the readings and meanings of these words to help you understand the Introductory Quiz. 1. 空港 2. 成田国際空港 くう こう なり た こく さい くう こう kūkō Narita kokusai kūkō airport Narita International Airport 3. 第2旅客ターミナル だい に りょ きゃく ターミナル Dai ni ryokyaku tāminaru Airport Terminal 2 4. ご案内 5. 免税売店 (免税店 goannai information duty-free shop commonly used orally) currency exchange 6. 両替 7. 出国手続 ご あん ない めん ぜい ばい てん めん ぜい てん りょう がえ menzei baiten menzeiten ryōgae しゅっ こく shukkoku tetsuzuki て つづき ほん かん honkan まち あい しょ/じょ machiaisho/jo にゅう こく しん さ nyūkoku shinsa お かえ りなさい Okaerinasai に もつ nimotsu て に もつ うけ tenimotsu uketorisho/jo とり しょ/じょ passport control/procedure for departure main building waiting place Immigration Welcome back to Japan baggage baggage claim area 14.

1. ぞく 2. も 3. あね 4. あに 5. いもうと つ family 6. しゅ to hold じん elder sister 7. いま elder brother 8. けい 9. きょ けん 験 husband now しゅう 10. こう ワシントン last year 12. すう がく 学 生 State of Washington 5 年 experience 11. こう younger sister high school mathematics Advanced Placement Exam Practice Question Read the passage below and answer the questions. indd 40 6/24/08 3:20:52 PM HOST FAMILY つま かんが すこ ふ まも 家事・育児を夫と妻がいっしょにやろうという 考 えも少しずつ8増えてきた。「女は家を守り、男は むかし か 外で働き、家族を9やしなう」という、 昔 からの考えは、変わってきている。 こう む いん 1公 務 員: government officer, civil servant ぶんや 2 分野 : かつやく field of … 3 活躍 する: しゅうしょく 4就 be active 職 する: to get a job いくじ 5 育児 : raising a child せい ど 6産休制度: ともばたら 7共 働 き: ふ 8増える: maternity / paternity leave working couple to increase 9やしなう: to support (one’s family) 1.

According to the suggestions, what is the best way to learn the Japanese lifestyle, way of thinking, and so on with your host family? A. watching the TV together B. playing together at the park C. going out together for various activities or events D. studying Japanese together 2. According to the suggestions, what is the best way you should help the family? A. holding a party B. preparing their dinner C. washing clothes D. washing the dishes of the family 3. According to the suggestions, why is the homestay a good approach to staying in Japan?

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